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About Rez

Rez is a licensed acupuncturist serving the NYC community since 2010. She is a relentless cheerleader for your health, well-being and transformation. She believes that the body is the wisest part of us. She is here to help you escape your pain and live a more fulfilling, joyful life. She sees the greatness in each of her patients, and is here to help you open the door to your innate healing ability. 

Rez is a general practitioner and expert at healing pain, she also serves patients to help move blockages around creativity, opening energy pathways, and providing insight and replenishment.

Her professional interests and specialties include Pain Management, Sport's Medicine, Fertility, Stress, and Psycho- Emotional disorders. She incorporates her training in TuiNa (Chinese medical massage), cupping, guasha, TCM, Trigger Point/Acupuncture Physical Medicine, Japanese Kiko Matsumoto style, Dr. Tan& Master Tung style,  moxabustion, nutrition, and herbal medicine into her treatments as needed. Her proficiency in numerous acupuncture styles and experience treating a wide range of health issues allows her to cater my treatments to each patient's specific needs.